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Dark Chronicles

Due to popular request you will now be able to read all about Lord Kain's journey as a fledgling vampire, and his story up until this point. I will post them whenever I can (may not be every day), so look forward to it!

We will have taken some artistic license to mention things beyond His knowledge at the time, and used records from the time in order to complete the tale. We start today at the beginning.

A gathering of sorcerers, six of the Pillar Guardians, watch scenes within a magical filled basin of armored soldiers impaling the last of the vampires that have been captured that day.  Suddenly, within the room of the stronghold, the door swings open and the ancient vampire Vorador enters the chamber. Caught off guard, the sorcerers are nearly helpless as the vampire impales the nearest one on his sword. Screaming for help to their protecter Malek, Vorador laughs as he slaughters another Guardian. "Call your dogs," Vorador cackles, "they can feast on your corpses!" Vorador continues to kill off the rest of the Guardians as Malek races through the corridors to save the people he is sworn to protect. Malek arrives too late, however, and as he enters the room he surveys the slaughter he was unable to prevent. From the shadows, Vorador appears behind the paladin and defeats him. Malek wakes up later to find himself chained to two posts, stripped of his armor. The Guardian of Death, the Necromancer Mortanius, is overseeing this punishment. "For failing the Circle, Malek of the Sarafan, you are hereby damned!" Malek's spirit is torn from his body and inhabits his armor. Malek, his soul now fused to his armor, turns around to see his corpse staring back at him. " The pleasures of the flesh are no longer yours." the Necromancer continues. "You have but one purpose, damned one.  You will serve us for eternity."

500 years later the beautiful Balance Guardian, Ariel, is surprised as as shadow looms over her from behind. Before she has a chance to turn around, the unseen being brutally stabs her. Screaming, Ariel falls to the floor in a pool of her own blood. Off in the distance the enormous Pillars of Nosgoth begin to grey and crack as they become corrupted.

30 years after Ariel's murder, the noblemen Kain wanders the countryside. After leaving his home in search of adventure, the ambitious but directionless Kain finds himself in a pub late one evening.
"The tavern's closing. Best be on your way, stranger." Says the bartender.
"What, no mug of ale for a weary traveler from distant Coorhagen? I can reward you well, for I am of noble blood."
"I stay open for no man in this dark time," the bartender bitterly replies. "There come things in the night that no sane man would welcome."
With nowhere else to stay, Kain leaves the tavern in hopes of finding a place to rest for the night. As he exits the tavern he is ambushed by brigands. Alarmed, Kain draws his sword prepared to cut down his assailants.
"That's him!" Yells one of the brigands. Kain manages to fend off many of them, but he is outnumbered. Eventually overwhelmed, he is defeated. As he falls to the ground, one of the brigands comes up behind him.
"End it. Now." As the others retreat the the forest, the brigand impales Kain with his sword.

Kain later wakes up in a hellish place filled with pools of fire. He is on a cliff overlooking one of these pools, still transfixed on his enemy's blade, his hands shackled to two upright posts.
Vea victus. Kain thinks to himself. Suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one that suffered. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain.  Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger - the hunger for revenge.
I didn't care if I was in Heaven or Hell, all I wanted was to kill my assassins. Sometimes, you get what you wish for.
The Guardian of Death walks up to Kain from behind.
The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance.  And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost. The Necromancer pulls the sword from Kain's chest, and he is freed from the posts.
Nothing is free. Not even revenge.
Mortanius extends the sword towards Kain hilt first, and Kain takes up the blade. As he recieves it, Kain is changed into a vampire.
Mortanius laughs as Kain walks off.
"You will have the blood you hunger for...."

Several days later, Kain awakes in his own mausoleum. He notices his coffin has been unearthed and opened.
I awoke to the pain of a new existence, in a dank womb of darkness and decay. Kain is still armored, but it has turned to an unearthly black. The armor itself has been altered by the Necromancer, able to resist even fire. He also notices that he is still carrying his assassin's sword.
Walking throughout the mausoleum, Kain discovers several small artifacts, re-creations of the legendary Heart of Darkness.
Reputed to have been ripped from the chest of the greatest vampire to have ever existed, Janos* Audron (pronounced Yan-os) the Heart of Darkness restores vampiric unlife. Life is precious, Janos discovered, as it was torn, throbbing and bleeding from his own body.
Kain eventually leaves the mausoleum, and is surprised to find that he is now harmed by the sunlight. The world had changed to my eyes.  I had not expected such cruelty from the light.  For in the embrace of the sun, I could find no comfort, only malice.  This would change in time for the worse, along with other things. He even must avoid the rain, as water is like acid to a vampire.
Hunger and weakness are no bar to vengeance's call. I would find my slayers and send them back, whence I came. Although hungry and weak, Kain has nothing on his mind but revenge. Exiting the graveyard, he sees his assassins off in the distance.
"What trickery is this?" Says one of them, recognizing the pale Kain. "I thought we killed you, you bastard!"
"We put you down once - we can do it again!"
Their sneering faces were forever etched upon my memory.  I had crossed death for this moment.  My mind was empty save for one thought:  I would kill. They race over to Kain and attempt to kill the vampire. Kain, now stronger then any mortal, easily defeats the brigands. As they die he feeds on their blood, renewing his strength.
There is no greater release than that from vengeance sated.  With my assassins dead, my quest was over.
"'Tis not over, Kain." Mortanius' disembodied voice speaks to him. "These tools were merely the instruments of your murder, not the cause. Look to their master. Look to the Pillars, and gain way to the Fortress of the Mind..."
WIth this vague information in mind, Kain sets off for the Pillars of Nosgoth in order to find the root behind his murder.

Entering the town of Ziegsturhl, Kain realizes that this is the town where he was murdered. As he wanders through the town, he notices that everyone is horrified of him. Seeing the towns people react to him, he begins to realize what exactly he has become. Kain begins to ponder his rash decision of revenge. The Necromancer had offered me no warning as to what my resurrection would entail, and yet I must confess, in my haste, I had not sought one.  Was his gift a curse?  I would seek the Pillars for an answer.

Next time: Kain reaches the Pillars of Nosgoth and visits the ghost of Ariel.
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