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Kain is deified

The clans tell tales of him...

Church of Kain
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Welcome to the Church of Kain! This is the place for all those who wish to worship our Dark Lord. Those of you who recognize Kain as our God may worship/praise here freely. Those of you who do not know about Kain (what the hell is wrong with you?) or are interested in Kain and joining our Church are encouraged to do so and learn all you can. Kain just may spare you when He returns to Nosgoth and eradicates all human life for his sheer enjoyment.

Some rules and guidlines to follow for the Church of Kain:
1) Just as with all communities, try to stay in topic with your posts. A small degree of irrelivence will be accepted, but try to keep all posts relevent to Him or the Church.
2) Cruelty towards other users will not be accepted. Even if you are bitter enemies. Everyone is treated equally and will be given one warning before being kicked out.
3) We accept any fan art or fan fiction here as long as it is relevent to Kain. When He returns I will be glad to share them with Him, although you may not survive His return to be acknowleged for your work.
4) I can't think of any others right now but there may be some additions/revisions in the future. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated, as I will not put up any notifications. It is in your best interest to read the rules before joining. Or something like that.

Feel free to contact us at our email address above if you have any questions or concerns about our community. We wish to make this community a warming experience for our fellow followers.

And I apologise for any typos or mistakes here. I am very exhausted as I write this and have neither knowledge or desire to go back and fix any mistakes. They will be taken care of later, when I'm more awake.